Am I Basic for Loving Jane Birkin?




Image via Elle

Ah, Jane. We first met when I couldn’t sleep and happened upon a documentary about you around 3 AM. I was seventeen and a little unsure of myself, and something about you resonated with me instantly. An English girl with big teeth (I, too, am big-toothed, though from New York) who travels to France, dates older men, and acts perhaps more grown up than she really feels–in the documentary, you reflected on how young and wrapped up in a French whirlwind you were. You seemed so genuine, and still so beautiful despite the years that had passed since your “hey-day.”


Image via Marie Claire

Your waif-like figure and effortless fashion sense were, of course, appealing, in addition to the admittedly strange emotional connection I had with you from your interviews. And yes, I wanted bangs just like yours as soon as I saw them. (I actually attempted to cut my own, a few years later in college, with mediocre results.) Since then, I’ve kept a sort of Jane Birkin vision board in the back of my mind when shopping or trying to piece together an outfit in the morning.